Northern California

NorCal Coaches

Rob Reinhard

Pleasant Hill, CA

M.Ed Founder and Head Coach of Tri-Active Endurance. A retired psychologist, Rob has a deep understanding of how the mind and body work together to unleash your true potential. With advanced degrees in clinical & counseling psychology as well as sociology and a minor in physical anthropology, he understands human behavior and works extensively with people to make fitness fit into their lifestyle, not the other way around.  

  • USA Triathlon
  • Ironman University 
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist 

Nathan Cohen 

Nathan loves the sport of triathlon. It has changed his life and wants to help others and the sport grow. In addition to being an elite athlete himself he coaches individual age group athletes. He specializes in sprint/olympic distance, off-road triathlon, and couch to Ironman athletes. 

  • Age Group Triathlon
  • Remote Swim Coaching 
  • 10 Years Triathlon
  • 5 years Elite Triathlon
  • 10 years Swim Coaching

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